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Welcome to Franklin & Marshall College's online financial aid portal. We encourage you to use MyAid to:

  • Check the status of your FAFSA, CSS PROFILE and other financial aid documents required to complete your file.
  • Accept or Decline your financial aid funds.
  • View your student loan history.
  • Read Important Messages related to your financial aid funds.

Login Instructions

If you get a Validation Error or Error Code IA, click here.

First Time Users - You are encouraged to involve and update your parents regarding ALL required documents. 

  • Enter your Student ID provided to you in an email from the Office of Financial Aid. This is NOT the Student ID provided to you by the Office of Admission.
  • Click on First Time User. This will take you to the Activate Your Account screen.
  • Type your Social Security Number without dashes. For example, if your Social Security Number is 987-65-4321, you will type 987654321.
  • Type your FULL date of birth by separating the month (MM), day (DD) and year (YYYY) with a forward slash. For example, if you were born April 30, 1997, you will type 04/30/1997.
  • Complete the Security Questions.
  • In the Change Password section, this is where you will Enter Your New Password and Confirm Your New Password.
  • Click Submit.

Currently Enrolled and Newly Matriculated Students

  • Enter your F&M User ID into the Student ID box. Your F&M User ID is usually your first initial and the first 7 letters of your last name. For example: Benjamin Franklin's F&M User ID would be bfrankli. If you have a more common name, your F&M ID may be differently formatted to include a number. If you are unsure, contact the College's Information Technology Services (ITS) Department to request your F&M User ID.
  • Enter your Password. Remember to keep your password secure. Your MyAid password is not the same as your F&M email access password unless you have set it up to be the same. If you forgot your password, read the next section: "Forgot Your Password?"
  • Click Submit.

Forgot Your Password? - The College does not have access to your password, so here is what you need to do:

  • Enter your Student ID.
  • Leave the Password box blank.
  • Click on Forgot Your Password? 
  • Follow the instructions to re-establish your Password.