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Welcome to MyAidAward, Franklin & Marshall College's Online Financial Aid System:

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  • View missing and received documents  
  • View your financial aid package
  • View your student loan history

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Log In Instructions

Recent Applicants and Newly Admitted Students:  To access the online system, enter your Student ID that was provided to you via an email from the Office of Financial Aid.  Note:  This is NOT the Student ID provided to you by the Office of Admission.

First Time Users:  If you have never logged in to your MyAidAward account, you will need to enter your Student ID (F&M Net ID) (see instructions above), leave the PIN entry box blank, and click on "First Time User."  You will be taken to the "Activate Your Account" screen where you will need personal identification information.  Be sure to enter this information EXACTLY in the format indicated.  If you receive an error message after clicking First Time User, you have either entered your Student ID incorrectly, or you have logged in to MyAidAward at some earlier point, even if you do not recall doing so.  If so, go to Forgot your PIN? section below.  Please make certain that you involve and update your parent(s) regarding all required documents.

Forgot your PIN?:  Enter your Student ID, leave the PIN entry box blank, and click on "Forgot Your Pin?"  Follow the instructions to set up or re-establish your PIN.  Keep it safe, as the College will not have access to it.

Entering First-Year International Students:  If you do not have a social security number (SSN), please email the Office of Financial Aid and ask to have a temporary SSN emailed to your F&M email account: financialaid@fandm.edu.


Currently Enrolled and Newly Matriculated Students:  To access the online system, enter your F&M Net ID into the Student ID field, enter your PIN, and click Submit.  Your F&M Net ID is usually your first initial and the first 7 letters of your last name, e.g., Benjamin Franklin's F&M Net ID would be "bfrankli" without the "n" at the end.  If you have a more common name, your F&M Net ID may be differently formatted and may include a number; if you are unsure, please contact the College's Information Technology Services (ITS) department to request your F&M Net ID.  Your PIN is unique to you and has been or will need to be created by you.  The College does not have access to your PIN, so keep it secure.  Your PIN is not the same as your PIN for your F&M email access, unless you set it up to be.

You must have a financial aid record already established at Franklin & Marshall College or be an enrolled student in order to use this system. If you have not begun the financial aid application process, you may begin by completing online the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Enter our school code, 003265, on your application and we will automatically receive a copy. You should also complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE using CSS ID 2261.

Once we receive your information from either of these applications, you will have access to your Student ID as instructed above, and you may begin to use this system for your needs throughout your enrollment at Franklin & Marshall.  For security purposes, we cannot provide your PIN over the phone, via email, or via mail.